Fat Isn’t An Insult Unless I Let It Be

LeadershipOver the last week I’ve told lots of people about the Plus Size Belly Dance Convention and the Facebook group that started it.  Many were supportive.  These are the people who make it fun to do what we do.  Thanks y’all!

A few people tried to talk me out of saying that I’m plus sized.  As if saying that meant that I was accepting some kind of defeat.  For the record, plus sized and fat are not bad words in my vocabulary.  It’s like – tall or short, big or little, skinny or fat.  It’s just a descriptor to me, not a judgement of my character.

I do understand though that there are people who think that it IS representative of a weak character for anyone to be fat or call themselves fat. Our convention has had someone convey that they felt offended by our invitation, because they had tried very hard at weight loss and didn’t want to be associated with a plus size convention.  That makes me sad, because I wouldn’t want anyone singled out.

I’m not going to pass judgement or say anything about what the person might be thinking.  Most of us have body issues to deal with, if that’s their perspective, OK.

I just want people to know that the intent of the Dangerous Curves Plus Size Belly Dance Convention has always been to be inclusive of EVERY body.  Tall or short, fat or skinny, young or old, beginner or professional.  Or, somewhere in between which is where most of us are.

Love and Light,




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  1. When I say I’m fat – people seem to need to reassure me that I’m not. Um, well, yes actually I am. This is not a surprise to me – I’ve been ‘morbidly obese’ for a good 15 years. As a plus-size belly dancer, I perform, teach, direct an award-winning dance troupe, coach amazing dancers….and yes, I happen to be fat. I have my own internal fat-phobic critic and while I’d like it to some day shut up, I dance anyway – despite that critical voice.. I often tell people “If I had waited until I lost weight to bellydance, I would have missed out on over 30 years of great fun, personal growth, and wonderful relationships.” Thanks for your blog, I’ve just discovered it through a FB friend and I’m so enjoying it!

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