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FAQs from Ragen Chastain about Health At Every Size

Someone yesterday was a little put off that I asked them not to compliment me (or anyone) on weight loss when I (or they) haven’t said that I am (or they are) trying to lose weight. Unwanted encouragement to lose weight under the guise of concern is called concern trolling. It is a form of bullying. I didn’t say this to my friend, I just politely asked them what I stated above.

My friend then started rapid firing back at me so-called facts about weight loss being good for the heart.That may be true for some, but since I haven’t been examined by this person, I’m going to ignore this diagnosis. And they’re not a doctor. And doctors often get it wrong, especially when it comes to Black women (look it up.)

I’m not trying to shame my friend, I’m just trying to point out how prevalent the faulty weight shaming and concern trolling is, even amongst those of us who otherwise live healthy, large, and in charge!

Bottom line is, I can be big and still be healthy. I don’t have to be healthy if I don’t want to. I don’t have to accept unwanted concern. As Ragen Chastain has said so well, I am the boss of my own underpants! Click here to read the FAQs.


The Fat Bitches Club

As usual Ragen is speaking my language! I have been fat bitched online far too many times recently.

Dances With Fat

Fat Bitches ClubMy Facebook friend Julie posted today that someone had called her a fat bitch to her face in public.  She said “I think that’s the first time I have been called that to my face… does this qualify me for the Fat Bitches Club?”  Yes it does, and your official club jacket is in the mail!

The Fat Bitches Club is for those who’ve been victims of the sizeism and sexism that occur when people lash out at us with a phrase meant to let us know that we don’t look or act like they want us to. If you’re wondering if you qualify for the FBC, check out the qualifying events below, though please note that this is not an exhaustive list.

Just Because

This is how Julie qualified. She was talking to someone about something completely unrelated to her size. He didn’t like what she said, so he…

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